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How OFWs Can Renew PRC ID Online

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Are you a Filipino worker abroad who has a Professional Regulations Commission license and wishes to renew your PRC license while you are overseas?

OFWs can renew their PRC license without going to PRC offices in the Philippines. This can be done through two methods: filling out a renewal form (download here) or filling out an online renewal form.

What is a PRC ID?

A Professional Regulations Commission ID, or PRC ID, is a government-issued identification card granted to professionals and serves as documentary proof that the holder receives the legal authority to practice a profession.

This ID is granted as the holder obtains a license upon passing an assessment test, such as a board exams.

Why renew your PRC ID?

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Renewing a PRC license enables the holder to perform his or her profession legally. A renewed PRC ID means you are in good standing and your license has not been canceled or revoked.

Printed renewal form vs Online PRC form

Since PRC holders abroad now have two choices, they can pick an option that works best for them.

Method Method A: Printed renewal form Method B: Online PRC form
Is it convenient? Download the form available at PRC website Fill out an online form at PRC website
Can I do it myself? Once filled out, you need assistance from friends or family in the Philippines Yes, you can complete the form without assistance from others
What are the requirements? Print out the form and personal or professional details as required Internet connection and access to the PRC website
How quick is it? Filling out the form is quick, but sending and processing
in the Philippines takes a long time
Once you have all the details ready, the entire process can
be finished in less than an hour
How do I pay? By cash, through your authorized representatives Credit cards and digital wallets are available as the payment method

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your situation.

The PRC has rolled out online services that cover appointment, payment, and application for licensure exams, the registration system for passers, and the renewal of PRC licenses.

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Let’s go through each method.

Method A: Renewing Your PRC License using downloadable Form

A few simple steps will help you get your PRC ID renewed while you are based overseas.

  1. Download and print the renewal form, “Application for Professional Identification Card” under PRC’s Registration Division. Fill out the form accurately and affix your signature.
  2. Attach a recent passport-size colored photo with a white background, complete with the name tag. Provide another copy of this passport photo as an additional requirement.
  3. Prepare the following requirements:
    • A photocopy of your recent PRC license
    • Letter authorizing the representative to renew on your behalf
    • A valid ID of your authorized representative who will visit
    • Corresponding fees for the license renewal
  4. Visit the nearest PRC office.
  5. Submit the filled-out renewal form and requirements as listed in #3.
  6. Pay the fees.
  7. Obtain the claim slip, which will bear the date your representative will return to PRC office to pick up the PRC identification card.

Renewing Your PRC License using PRC Online Services

Visit the PRC online website and you’ll see that the website offers several services, such as application for the board exam, registration of recent passers, and, in this case, renewal of your PRC license.

Signing up for an account makes sense so you can store your personal information, which can come in handy for services such as verification and renewal of licenses.

1. First-timers need to sign up for an account. Initial registration requires your basic information (name, date of birth, etc.) and verification information, such as email address and password.

Click the “I AGREE” button (2) if you agree with its terms and conditions. In general, the terms say by filling out your information, you agree that such information may be used for statistical reports, research, and other related purposes. It also says email addresses will only be used to contact users regarding the status of their account or any updates to the system.

2. Fill out the form accurately. Inaccurate entries will likely require corrections later and can cause delays in the processing of transactions. Remember your account details, such as your email address (which is your username) and password, for future visits to the website.

A message will be sent to your email account verifying that the entered email address is accessible. Click the link that says “Click here to validate email,” and a successful message will then be sent.

3. Sign in with your username and password. Once login is successful, fill out additional fields related to your personal, contact, family, employment, and educational background.

4. Upload photo. Before uploading a photo in digital format, ensure that it follows the guidelines set forth by PRC.

  • Photo size is 2×2 inches, color photo with white background
  • Photo must be taken within 6 months before upload
  • The applicant in the photo is wearing decent attire with a collar.
  • An unacceptable photo includes an image not resembling the applicant, an applicant wearing eyeglasses, a background color other than white, a photo containing shadows, and the applicant’s ears being covered.

If you are certain the photo conforms to the requirements above, click Choose file (5) and locate your digital photo (preferably in JPG format), adjust its position if necessary (6), and click “Upload Image” (7).

5. Select Renewal under Select Transaction. Select your profession from the drop-down list (3) and enter your PRC license number. Click “Proceed” (5) to continue.

6. Set appointments and payment options. Select your preferred location to transact with PRC. Then, select your preferred payment option (GCash, Credit/Debit Card, PayMaya, or PRC’s cashier).

If you are renewing your PRC license and wish to pick up:

  • Do you want to avail of shipping service? NO
  • Select Preferred PRC Regional Office
  • Click “Next” button and select the payment option (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Additional details, such as your new license expiration date and fees are also displayed.

If you are renewing your PRC license and wish to avail of shipping service (available in Metro Manila only),

  • Do you want to avail of shipping service? YES
  • Click “Next” button and select the payment option (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Enter your shipping address in the form provided
  • Additional details such as your new license expiration date and fees are also displayed.

Once your payment is confirmed, a summary will be displayed. Enter the reference number into the field for the delivery service, and click on “Confirm Payment” (5).



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  1. renew ako license last Jan 2013 until now hindi ko pa nakuha license ko (2015). next year expire nanaman yun. sayang yun binayad ko tapos hindi ko nagamit. Unang renew ko last 2009 ok wlang problema, ngayon 2nd renew ko hindi ko makuha kuha card ko. wala daw name ko sa list. pina fill up ako ng form para send daw sa Manila, until ngayon wla pang balita. ECE convert daw to Electronics Engr. Ano ba problema? Please advice. Thanks

  2. Online renewal link is not working is this a big joke, please be serious in matters like this, thats one of the reason why philippine government is not improving, they cannot think of better ways to improve their services, its already online era and people are paying online, wake up guys, wag tutulog tulog sa kangkungan, purely a suggestion

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