How OFWs Can Renew PRC License Online

According to the 2019 data published by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 2.2 million of approximately 10.4 million Filipinos based abroad work with the existing contracts, with about 15.6% of them employed as managers, professionals, or with a technical background.

Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID is a license that a person holds to confirm his/her identity as a registered professional. Every professional granted with PRC license should have his/her license reviewed every 3 years. Failure to file for renewal voids his/her registration as a certified professional. But, how an OFW can renew his or her PRC license?

Update: OFWs or any professional Filipino licensed by the PRC can renew their license online

Since OFWs are obviously based abroad and find it inconvenient to follow the traditional method, going online is the best approach. The PRC has since launched its online services that cover appointment, payment, and application for licensure exams, the registration system for passers, and renewal for PRC ID.

Sign up/ Register online

Visit the PRC online website and click the register link. You’ll basically sign up for an account you can access every time you transact with PRC online. Initial registration requires your basic information (name, date of birth, etc) and verification information such as email address and password. Tick the box if you agree with its terms and conditions. For those too lazy or in a hurry to read the details, the terms say by filling out your information, you agree that such information may be used for statistical reports, research, and other related purposes.

It also says email address will only be used to contact you regarding the status of your account or any updates of the system. We understand this also means you are not expected to receive marketing materials since you did not sign up for such newsletters.


The transaction is secured (see the HTTPS on website address on your browser), so this information is conceivably safe from third-party access. PRC says it highly values your privacy; so do online banking websites that were subsequently hacked and customer information leaked on the Internet. As long as you don’t disclose sensitive information, and use this website solely for PRC-related transactions, you should be okay in the event of a privacy breach.

Before starting the online transaction you must have the following ready for access:

a. Email address and password
b. Mobile number
c. Personal information (ex. date of graduation, etc)
d. Your photo in JPG image file format.

If everything you’ve read so far is acceptable, click the SIGN UP NOW button.

Fill out the form with your information

You will receive a notification on your email using the email address provided in your registration. A link will point you to the secured page where you can enter additional information such as an address, phone number, name of spouse if applicable, and so on.


Provide your photo similar to the guideline provided

As professionals who passed the exams, photos must also reflect this stature. Photos must be 2×2 in size (we wish PRC translated this in pixel dimensions), taken not more than six months before upload, and applicant wearing decent clothing on a white background.


Select desired transaction

As mentioned above, this online system accommodates multiple services for professionals. In the context of professional OFWs wanting to renew their licenses online, they can select the “RENEWAL” option as shown below.

Select your profession and enter your PRC License Number.

Once done, click PROCEED button.


Select PRC office to handle your license renewal, date of appointment and payment option.

If you choose OVER THE COUNTER/ATM BANKING as your payment option, choose your preferred banks for payment. Then click on SELECT button.
(NOTE: when paying at the bank, use BILLS PAYMENT form. Do not use Dragon Pay)
For payment through banks, there may be an additional bank surcharge

Verify status at the Existing Transaction tab.

Select PRINT CLAIMING STUB which you will bring to the selected PRC office on your pre-selected appointment date.


To those curious about the old system or who prefer the traditional way of renewing their PRC license, you may review the steps below:

What to Bring

It should be mentioned that Filipino professionals can only renew their PRC licenses in the Philippines. For Filipinos working abroad, the OFW can ask a family member or a friend to process the renewal of ID on his/her behalf. All that is needed is an authorization letter or Special Power of Attorney from the OFW. To renew an expired PRC ID for OFW, the authorized representative should bring the following requirements:

  1. 1 passport size picture (in white background and nametag) of the professional. The picture should be the most recent.
  2. Fill out the renewal form of PRC ID from the Registration Division. Paste the picture in the renewal sheet.
  3. Present the authorization/ Special Power of Attorney letter with valid identification of the authorized representative.
  4. Pay the corresponding renewal fee.

Where to Go

Renewal of PRC ID can be done in PRC main offices or now, in the Business Center of any SM mall. During PRC ID renewal, the old card needs not be presented and will not be required in the process.

When to Claim the ID
To know when to claim the ID, see the lower portion of the written form as it is where indicated. The authorized person should present the claim stub alongside the official receipt and acknowledgment letter or Special Power of Attorney from the professional on the day of the claim. Bring at least two valid IDs for the confirmation of the identity of the representative. A service fee may be added if the professional desires to have his/her ID sent through courier to his/her address.

ID Express Lane
The Professional Regulation Commission has recommenced the I.D. Express Lane in the central and regional offices in March 2013.

Under Office Order No. 2013-97 dated February 25, 2013, the Professional Identification Cards (PICs) Express Lane shall apply to:

    • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) upon presentment of the contract of employment, plane ticket, and visa, if applicable; and
    • Other professionals requesting PIC for employment purposes upon presentment of a letter of request, and a certification from the employer requiring the PIC.

An additional fee of P450.00 will be collected in the processing of the PICs as provided in PRC Resolution No. 2006-370.

The I.D. Express Lane allows the professionals to secure their renewed professional I.D.’s an hour after filing and payment of the corresponding fees.

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