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5 Signs Recruiters Post Fake Job Offer on the Internet

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Anyone can pretend to be someone on the Internet. Using a photo of a handsome man or a beautiful woman, a person can pass off as an ideal match on a dating website. Posting on a similarly sounding domain name Internet address, controversial but fake news could go viral anytime. And using the POEA logo, an agency or an individual can fool an unsuspecting job applicant into applying for a job that does not exist.

Since almost anyone can do anything, it is very important to tread carefully and verify if what’s being presented is factual or fraudulent.

In terms of jobs offered online, there are those so-called recruiters who target the ignorant and unaware by featuring things that are simply too good to be true.

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Here are some of them:

They are in a hurry.

They offer jobs that appear too competitive.
“Grab it now before someone else does.” “Deadline for application is tomorrow.” “Our foreign recruiter will only be available today.”

It’s like selling pancakes that you need to get while it’s hot and tastes best. They need your commitment immediately because they fear that the moment they get your attention is the only chance they have.

They ask for money.

While asking for money is an alarm that jobseekers mostly associate with illegal recruitment or a form of scam that they should avoid, money matter is not necessarily tied to the job.

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Recruiters may divert your attention into loaning money from you to go back to their office, a medical emergency after receiving a scripted phone call or losing her wallet to a pickpocket.

If such a trick isn’t good enough, they might invite you to join their networking club that guarantees a high return on investment.

They use words we’d like to hear.

No placement fee. No salary deduction. No exams are necessary.

Of course, because there might be no job on offer! Other legitimate job offers may actually use the above offers but applicants should be clever not to make commitments based only on the above promises by recruiters.

They offer inconsistent statements.

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Recruiters may say licensed recruiter which means the job requires an agency to process it. But on the same line, they say ‘direct hiring’ which means the applicant does not need an agency and can process by himself or herself at POEA.

Sorry, recruiters must be able to explain what they say.

They make use of more sought-after countries.

They use Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand and post job vacancies in such countries by sending emails or posting on Facebook. In general, companies in these countries make use of established job portals and do not use emails when looking for talents.

So every time you look for jobs on the Internet, be aware of these scams and save yourself the double black eye: getting conned and failing to get a job.

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