Friday, December 8, 2023

18 Countries with High Demand for IT Developers and Programmers

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  1. Australia
    Professionals who have more skills and experience in the field and an individual who is fluent in English and has a higher qualification. (Average salary: US$44,983)
  2. Austria
    Austria’s shortage list has at least 15 professions in programming and web, software and multimedia development (Average salary: US$43,555)
  3. Belgium
    oBelgium lets the acquiring of work and stay permit flexible if the applicants are highly skilled. (Average salary: US$44,364)
  4. Brazil
    The demand for professionals is based on the demands of the companies that have permission from the labor ministry to hire foreign professionals. Professionals that have a doctorate or a masters degree would only have to show a proof of their qualifications. (Average salary: US$9,336)
  5. Czech Republic
    The Green Card and the European Blue Card is used to enter Czech Republic as a professional (Average salary: US$19,630)
  6. Denmark
    Denmark’s point-based system grants access to a Green Card that allows qualified workers to look for a job in the country. (Average salary: US$45,560)
  7. programmer

  8. Germany
    The government implemented the EU Blue Card to facilitate access to non-EU professionals. Professionals can look for a job in 6 months. (Average salary: US$40,223)
  9. Ireland
    The country accommodates employment permits to those with high-paying job and areas with recognized shortages. An individual can enter Ireland as a professional using the Green Card scheme. (Average salary: US$50,764)
  10. Luxembourg
    Professionals must have a diploma of higher education or five years specialized professional experience, work contract of at least one year and a salary of at least $87,000 or 53,000 for occupations in demand, mostly in the IT sector. (Average salary: US$52,847)
  11. New Zealand
    Has at least 9 different types of developers and programmers on its latest shortage list (Average salary: US$27,369)
  12. Norway
    Norway set a 5000 annual limit of skilled foreign workers and has a list of 150 occupations in demand including high- , medium– and low– skilled professions. (Average salary: US$43,990)
  13. Poland
    Professionals with specific skills who are in demand don’t need a labor market test to be admitted. (Average salary: US$20,069)
  14. Russia
    To be accepted as a foreign worker in Russia, you have to have a minimum annual salary of $68,000 but only have of this amount is needed for high-level professors and researchers. Qualified workers may also bring their families. (Average salary: US$14,580)
  15. Singapore
    Singapore needs developers in general but also has a need for professional gaming developer (Average salary: US$30,392)
  16. Slovakia
    Slovak cards are used in place of the Blue card but it has the same function. (Average salary: US$19,068)
  17. Slovenia
    Slovenia, started to adopt measures to attract skilled workers using the EU Blue Card. (Average salary: US$32,480)
  18. Sweden
    Sweden has a list of 80 in-demand occupations including high-, medium- and low-skilled professions. . (Average salary: US$37,734)
  19. United Kingdom
    Software developers and shader writers are the professions required in the UK . (Annual pay: US$49,664)
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