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Tips When Traveling with Domestic Helpers

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When traveling with two kids on an overseas trip would not be as peaceful as some movies may lead us to think. If you are lucky enough to have a helper to help with your little ones, it would be a breeze if you could bring them with you. However, before taking your helper with you, there are some things that you should do first before buying a plane ticket.

Documents and Visas
Traveling with a domestic helper is not that easy. There are documents that should be taken care off and visas that should be applied. If you are indeed traveling overseas, know if the country requires a traveling visa to domestic helpers. This would take at least a month in advance so careful planning is crucial here. Prior to this, asking them permission if they would want to travel with you is important since they are still human that has a choice in the matter.

When the passport and visa are ready, your helper should pick it up themselves and not you. There are different questions that could be asked to you helper in applying for a travelling visa depending on your destination. The following are some general information needed from the helper to be granted a travelling visa:

  • Education details
  • Employment history
  • Place and date of birth
  • Parent’s detailed information
  • Detailed information of the siblings of the helper (if any)

It would be helpful if your helpers always keep their passports in hand during the trip in case they went missing for some reason.

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A foreign domestic helper carrying a child walks with another child outside a school in Hong Kong

Working Arrangements
If you and your helper already agreed on a working arrangement, tell them some adjustments to this arrangement and the compensations that you are willing to do in case they are going to work over- time according to your agreed working experience.

Weather differences would always be a part of travelling especially abroad. Letting our helper know what clothes she should wear in your destination would help you help her get comfortable in your stay. If you are traveling in a colder country and your helper doesn’t have any winter clothes, donate a sweater, boots, gloves or any piece of clothing to help them stay warm. Keeping your helper warm and healthy would help them help you in return in taking care of yours and your children’s extra needs during your travel.

Lastly, encourage them to have fun. You should remember that you should be grateful that this person is lending you a helping hand when it comes to handling you children and taking care of your home. Even though, technically, they are still on-the-clock, if there is an activity that you know would be enjoyable for them, encourage them to do so. Letting them have fun while working with you wouldn’t cost you a thing. Also, this is your chance in making them feel like you appreciate all the hard work that they are doing for you, your kids and your family.

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