Checklist of Personal and Household Items to Bring When Moving to Canada

Moving to another country is exhausting with all the adjustments that one has to make to a new life that they are entering. Now, living in another country is also very expensive because many immigrants tend to buy everything that they already have to their previous house. Here is a list of things, both personal and household items that you should bring with you when moving to Canada:

    • Clothing for four seasons: winter spring summer and fall. Also include clothes for job interviews and rainproof jacket.
    • Shoes like sneakers or rubber shoes and black leather shoes and slippers like bedroom slippers that would be very comfortable during the winter.
    • Bed sheets, pillow, blankets and etc. it would be advisable to make sure that the bed sheets are compatible for all seasons. Pillows should also be vacuum sealed.
    • Bath towels
  • Dinnerware. Two boxes of it would be enough. Bringing a cooking ware and cutlery could help in your basic needs for the first few months of moving in.
  • Toiletries like bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, comb, razors, and other essentials that you use.
    Some of this would probably be available to supermarkets but it would help you lessen unnecessary expenses on the first few months of your move.
  • Gadgets. Electrical appliances in Canada use 110 volt, 60-cycle current so make sure that you have an adapter that indicates 100 to240V or approximately 50 or 60Hz. Laptops with genuine OS and other programs. Samsung phones are proven compatible in Canada and other phone brands.
  • Other miscellaneous things like sewing kits, flashlights, sunglasses, easy-to-be-eaten food like biscuits, instant noodles, coffee, bread and etc. You may also want to bring your over the counter medicines for headaches, runny nose, diarrhea and other medications that you think that you may need.
  • To avoid homesickness bring some of you favourite Filipino snacks from home like uba halaya, kalamay, suman, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon products like mammon, ensaymada and pastillas. However, it would be advisable if there are any delicacies that are not allowed to bring to the airport or Canada itself.

In moving to Canada, remember the following tips in packing:

  • Categorize your clothing on the four seasons that Canada has in one year (winter, spring, summer and fall)
  • Check the compatibility of your gadgets to 110 volt, 60-cycle current if you are planning to bringing them to Canada.
  • Visit and check the items that are allowed to bring
  • Be organized. It would be a lot easier to keep track of everything that you are packing from one country to another.
  • To save space when packing, you can use a vacuum sealed plastic bag to put some of your clothes and blankets.
  • And lastly; in order to save for overweight bags, opt for an additional box rather than paying for the additional fee.