9 Best Reasons to Love Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Winnipeg is the biggest city and capital of Manitoba, Canada. As of the 2011 census, the metropolitan population is over 730,000. The city is situated on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies. It acquired its name from its famous Lake Winnipeg, meaning “muddy”. People visit or transfer permanently to Winnipeg, Manitoba each year for many good reasons.

1. Beautiful landmarks. There are plenty of attractive and historical structures around that are worth taking photos of or sharing to others. The legislature building and Corydon Avenue patios are just some of the notable creations in the area. Esplanade Riel is another landmark that has been the subject of many conversations because of its unique architecture.

2. Beautiful environment. Winnipeg, Manitoba, like other serene Canadian towns, have a number of natural wonders around that are worth visiting. Driving to beaches, forests and lakes for a camping trip is convenient and easy. Some of the spots worth visiting include Falcon Lake, Winnipeg Lake, Grand Beach and Birds Hill Park.

3. Festivals and parties. You can join a number of festivals, parties and celebrations during certain seasons of the year. Some of the activities to look forward to include Fringe Fest, Jazz Fest, Folk Fest and Folklorama. People can enjoy listening to country and folk music as well as dance the night away. Cocktails and drinks are also served by various establishments on the streets to add to the celebration. The Winnipeg Wine Festival is one of the most anticipated in the city.

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4. Famous People. A number of notable individuals are linked to Winnipeg, Manitoba such as Monty Hall, Sir William Stephenson and Dancing Gabe. Winnipeg is also the first big city in the country to elect Glen Murray, an admitted gay man.

5. Great food. There are several things to enjoy and fill yourself with any time of the day such as tacos, salsa, sandwiches and the orange cola Pic-a-Pop. Peggers are also fans of slurpees and other ice cold drinks.

6. The cold weather. Individuals who prefer living in cold weather and wearing fancy thick and leather jackets will like the city. Temperatures can go below 0 degrees Celsius on certain days of the winter season.

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7. Clean surroundings. The government is conscious about maintaining the cleanliness of its environment which is why the city is widely known to be smog-free. The water is also very clean. People don’t worry much about pollution compared to other Canadian cities.

8. Sports. People in Winnipeg are avid sports fans so there are plenty of places where you can watch games like football, hockey, lacrosse and other games. Some of the spots that come to life on certain days include Canwest Global Park, Portage and Main and Assiniboine Park.

9. Great places for food and entertainment. Many tourists visit Winnipeg because of places like Stella’s Café and Kelekis. Visitors can try some of the local cuisines and snacks that the place is known for like clodhoppers. You can also have lunch on broadway and people-watch while sipping a glass of wine and nibbling on cheese. Other places worth taking the family to include Manitoba Museum, Rainbow Stage and The Exchange District.

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Whether you like the city or the great outdoors, Winnipeg, Manitoba offers all these for the best time.

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