Friday, May 31, 2024

Living in America

12 USA Cargo Forwarders Blacklisted by DTI

A total of twelve US cargo forwarding companies are among companies blacklisted foreign forwarders and consolidators by the Department of Trade and Industry  (DTI) in its January 2015 update. The list was compiled by the DTI based on complaints of undelivered and mishandled balikbayan boxes....

Managing Pregnancy Costs and Extra Expenses in the United States

Pregnancy costs in the United States are currently among the highest in the world, with the average cost of a vaginal birth ranging from $9,000 to $17,000 and the average cost of a cesarean birth ranging from $14,000 to...

First Impressions of Filipino Newcomers in America

Many Filipinos dream to live in America to find better income opportunities as well as keep their children in a conducive and safe environment. When immigrants first arrive in the United States, they usually have to go through a...
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Understanding 4 Types of Culture Shock Experienced by Newcomers in the United States

Culture shock is an overwhelming and disorienting experience commonly encountered by new settlers in the United States. As individuals...
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