Sunday, May 28, 2023


Understanding the Top Causes of Death in the United States

Death is inevitable, but the causes can vary widely depending on factors like age, lifestyle, and environment. Across the United States, certain conditions and diseases are the leading causes of death. Health officials, healthcare providers, and individuals who want...

Obesity in the USA: Why Immigrants to United States Gain Weight

A new study suggests that fitting in may be a part of the reason why United States immigrants gain weight. The study will be published in the June issue of the journal Psychological Science. Immigrants, their family and their children...

Managing Pregnancy Costs and Extra Expenses in the United States

Pregnancy costs in the United States are currently among the highest in the world, with the average cost of a vaginal birth ranging from $9,000 to $17,000 and the average cost of a cesarean birth ranging from $14,000 to...
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Exploring the Flavors of the Philippines: A Delicious Dining Experience in Chicago

Filipino cuisine is a fusion of indigenous flavors with influences from Spanish, Chinese, and other Southeast Asian cultures. The...
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