White Couple Caught on Camera Yelling Racist Remarks To Filipino For ‘Burping’

A white same-sex couple was recently caught on camera making bigoted remarks at a Filipino man inside a supermarket in California.

Angelo Cabuang, the Filipino man, shared a short video clip on his Twitter account on August 13 showing the racist couple getting into an argument with him and his mother. This took place after the man reportedly burped inside a Save Mart branch on Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton, California.

“I literally burped at Save Mart and a racist couple reacted by calling us pigs and telling us to go back to Filipinoville,” Cabuang wrote on his social media post.

In certain cultures like China and India, belching during meals is a way of complementing a host, but this is seen as inappropriate for American and European counterparts.

Twitter user @RaleighCruspero commented that the incident wouldn’t have happened if Cabuang said ‘excuse me’, to which he replied:

“I wasn’t given the chance to say ‘excuse me’ and she shouldn’t have made rude/racist remarks over a simple burp.”