Filipino Restaurant in New York Ordered Closed Over Sanitation Violations

A Filipino restaurant located in Woodside, New York has been ordered closed temporarily by the Health Department for racking up several violations during a routine health inspection.

Kabayan, located at 69-12 Roosevelt Avenue, was shut down Thursday for racking up a whopping 117 violation points during a standard health inspection. As of Monday, the restaurant was still closed.

The Department of Health website indicated there were several critical and non-critical violations that led to the closure order of the popular restaurant.

Critical violations include storing hot food below the required temperature and cold food above the required temperature. Other critical violations were cited as restaurant lacked facilities available for staff to wash, rinse and sanitize utensils, and that the restaurant didn’t have a washing facility near the food preparation area and toilet.

Violation points are handed out by the Health Department based on the size and scale of each violations. Letter grades are then assigned to resuatrants based on accumulated points. A restaurant is handed A grade if it receives between zero and 13 points, B grade for 14 to 27 points, and C grade for restaurants with 28 or more points.