Fil-Am Teacher Faces Life in Prison For Child Molestation

An American teacher of Filipino origin faces life behind bars after he was convicted of molesting over a dozen young victims spanning several years.

Ronald Guinto, 34, was first arrested in 2014 while employed as a teacher in Richmond, California.

In a news release by Balitang America, prosecutors say Guinto was found guilty of 87 counts of child molestation, witness dissuasion, and kidnapping.

The bulk of the alleged abuse occurred during his two years at Making Waves Academy, a Richmond charter school, between 2011-13. Guinto formed Camp Epic, a “Boy Scouts hybrid,” lead prosecutor Alison Chandler told the jury, that professed to teach children leadership skills and promised college scholarships to children who worked their way up the ranks.

“Camp Epic was a front. A front so the defendant could gain access to young children to molest them,” Chandler told the jury.

Eleven of his victims were Making Waves students who attended his extracurricular Camp Epic. Guinto was 20 when he molested his first 12-year-old victim in his San Jose State dorm room, Chandler said.

He will be sentenced on March 24.