7 Ways How to Immigrate to Canada From the United States

People have the impression of how tricky moving to Canada from the United States can be. But this may be because what they read focused on how to obtain permanent residence or dual citizenship.

Given the surge in curiosity about this topic after Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States that it crashed the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, it is imperative to know that there are other options, albeit temporary, for Americans to move to Canada such as investment, working or studying in the country.

1. Working in Canada
For temporary work, Americans who receive job offers from Canadian employers significantly increase their chances of staying in Canada. Those who have special skills can directly browse the specialty job sites.

2. Intra-company transfer
United States-based workers on companies with Canadian presence may be able to obtain transfer from the U.S. office to Canadian office.

3. International Mobility Program: North American Free Trade Agreement
Temporary work options through the International Mobility Program and the NAFTA, through which investors and professionals could begin working in Canada within days. Work permits in the NAFTA Investor category may also be granted to employees of the primary Investor who can be considered essential staff.

4. Study in Canada
Individuals planning of pursuing further education can apply at Canadian universities which not only offer quality education but also charge lower fees compared with U.S. institutions. Also, education is also one of the clearest pathways to Canadian permanent residence.

5. Marry a Canadian citizen
Marrying a Canadian citizen provides a good route to obtaining Canadian citizenship, although it does not automatically grant you the status.

6. Express Entry
Canada’s highly-decentralized immigration system means provinces can set their own policy among incoming migrants through its points-based mechanism centered on the Express Entry system. This system allows skilled workers tradespersons, and individuals with work experience in Canada may be invited to apply for permanent residence.

7. Provincial Nominee Program
Depending on your preferred Canadian province, a list of occupations-in-demand are provided for reference and help you decide which one you should settle in based on whether your skills are highly desirable or not.

Obviously, there are considerations and potential consequences of migrating from the United States to Canada. This includes tax arrangements, dual citizenship, bringing a family, and other settlement issues such as costs. So those seriously considering a move should weigh in their chances and refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website or talk to a licensed immigration consultant.