Filipino-Owned Silicon Valley Care Facility Charged with Wage Theft

A Filipino-owned Silcon Valley care provider has been sued by the US Department of Labor for gross violation of labor regulations.

The lawsuit was filed by the department’s Solicitor’s Office at U.S. District Court in Northern California against San Miguel Homes for the Elderly, LLC, which operate three elderly residential care facilities in Union City. The decision was made after efforts to reach a settlement between its properietors and workers failed.

Precilla San Miguel and her two sons, Teofilo Cris Sanque and Ryan San Miguel were named defendants of the case. Precilla owns 60 per cent owner and functions as manager of San Miguel Homes for the Elderly, LLC.

The Labor Department is seeking to recover back wages and damages owed to 22 of the care facility employees, all of whom are Filipinos, who worked at below minimum wage rates. It accused the defendants of having paid the workers for only eight hours per day, or paid them at flat rates without accounting the excess hours worked. Workers reportedly put on more than 40 hours of labor per week but were not compensated by their employers.

The defendants mostly failed to keep records of the number of hours the employees worked in the facilities. On times they did, records did not indicate accurate and complete documentation of caregivers’ working hours.

The department’s Wage and Hour Division continues to see problems in the residential care field, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.