Filipina Wins Utah Council Seat, Makes History

A Filipina political activist has won a city council seat in a Grantsville, Utah.

Jewel Allen received the third highest number of votes in a six-candidate race, enough to win a position in the city council. She becomes the first politician of Filipino ethnicity to win a city council seat in Utah’s history, according to Balitang America.

She will be sworn into office in January to begin her four-year term.

“I worked really hard to campaign, to get my message out there to people, and I was just really excited that my message resonated with people,” said Allen, who started out as political activist organizing and speaking at rallies. She also co-founded a group that helped lobby to keep a new state prison out of Grantsville’s Tooele County.

Allen believes her work as a political activist helped her win the recent election.

“As I was out there organizing rallies, speaking at rallies, getting the word out through email and Facebook, I’m sure people recognized my name,” she said.

Allen’s victory has excited the local Filipino community.

“She paved a way for others who aspire to become a city council member or senator in the state of Utah. This is a great beginning for us as Filipinos,” Filipino community leader Eunice Jones said.

As a new council member, Allen wants to revitalize the town’s financial district by launching a public relations campaign in hopes of attracting new businesses. She also wants to preseve Grantsville’s historic landmarks and keeps citizens informed about issues that affect them.

“I really plan to work super hard and keep listening to what people have to say and be accessible. That’s very important to me,” she said.

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