Filipino Family in Belfast Victim of Racist Attacks

A Filipino family based in north Belfast, Northern Ireland have claimed to be victim of seven racist attacks in the past four weeks, according to a BBC news report.

A door’s window was broken after stones were thrown at their house located at Brae Hill Link in Ballysillan on Tuesday night.

Memet and Cleo, residents of Belfast for the past 14 years, say their two children have been left feeling scared following the attacks.

The couple believe they are being targeted because of their nationality.

“I can’t recognise their faces, I don’t know who they are,” Memet said.

“One thing I’m sure, they’re not from this street, they don’t live close by and that’s why they’re so bold in harassing or torturing us because they don’t live here.”

Cleo said the attacks had “really affected our life”.

Her husband said: “I can’t sleep at all during the night because I keep on waking up thinking some might happen or they will come back during the night when we are asleep.”