Egyptian Couple Use Filipina Maid As Accessory to ‘Sextortion’ Plot

An Egyptian couple in the United Kingdom tied up and imprisoned their Filipina nanny after the wife failed to convince her to sleep with her husband so she could use it as grounds for divorce.

According to Daily Mail, businessman Zekri Gris, 56, hired Niressa De-Vincente, 36, as a cleaner and child minder of his four children aged between five and 10. But his wife Dina, 35, set up De-Vincente by offering her £200 cash to have sex with her husband and film it so she could reportedly gain vital evidence of infidelity to use against him in a divorce claim.

However, the plot failed, and Zekri Gris, who owns shops, accused De-Vincente, of stealing £12,000 from him, Bristol crown court was told. He and his wife tied her up with a rope and handcuffs. At the time, Gris was reportedly unaware of his wife’s sextortion attempt.

The couple threatened the maid with a knife to make her ‘confess’ into stealing the money and even filmed the 36-hour ordeal as she was verbally and physically abused. De-Vincente, after three days, managed to wiggle free and used the rope to climb out of a nearby window. Police were notified after a neighbor spotted her running down the street in her home clothes.

Zekri Gris pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment and was sentenced to three years in jail on Tuesday.

Court records indicate that De-Vincente started to work for the couple after her student visa expired.

Citing exploitation, prosecutor Ian Penny said “Without a large number of Filipino carers the care system would fail. She overstayed and became an illegal immigrant.

“Many illegal immigrants are vulnerable and exploited, whether they are stuck in Calais or crossing the ocean in an inflatable dingy or fall into the clutches of the defendant and his wife.”

Video footage recorded by Dina Gris showed the victim sitting on a chair and trussed up with a blue clothesline while her husband shouts at her, accusing her of stealing money. The victim can be seen weeping, with her head bowed.

“The video footage paints a disturbing and unattractive picture. It was just a snippet of an ordeal that lasted many, many hour,” Penny said.

Dina Gris admitted the same charge in December and will be sentenced at a later date.