Illegal Workers in UK Face Up to Six Months in Jail

A new Immigration bill has been proposed in UK, affecting particularly Wales and England, to be introduced this coming autumn.

This is the latest immigration announcement made by the government this year. Quoting Immigration Minister James Brokenshire “[the government] would continue to crack down on abuse” of the immigration system.

The proposals under this bill includes Six months jail time for those who work illegally. The bill also pushes punishment for those restaurants, off-licenses and institutions which employ illegal migrants by taking away their licenses if found to be guilty. The government is still on debate as include minicab drivers and operators. Legal defense for other business employing illegal workers will also change. The businesses will not be able to claim ignorance of employees situations, they will have to adhere to the law and carry out standard protocol and checks in hiring. Two years to a maximum of five years prison time including hefty fines will be given to the guilty party.

This will make all illegal recruits think twice of going to UK. The illusion of a gentle government is cracked by the strict laws covering immigration. Government will give nothing to illegal immigrates, no job, nowhere to sleep, no car or bank accounts. The UK immigration system is serious in their claim to crack the abuse to work best for the interest of the British people and immigrants who abide with protocol.

The warning is also not just for the illegal workers but also for those who will give them jobs or room. The government has already issued a warning to landlords to evict tenants under the proposed bill and will be required to check migrant’s status before agreeing on a lease. Repeat offenders will face up to five years in prison. The immigration system is planning a series of raids this autumn targeting illegal migrant infested jobs, particularly building sites, care homes and cleaning contractors.

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