Saturday, May 21, 2022

Filipina Files Complaint vs Fellow Filipina in UAE for Punching, Biting Her

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A Filipina in the United Arab Emirates is set to file a case against a fellow Filipina after she was allegedly punched and bit while they were at their employer’s home in Dubai.

Chris Jean de Leon, 30, accused Aiza Arca Claudio of beating her up and dragging her by the hair out of their room in the middle of an argument on April 13.

The fight, according to de Leon, started when she stopped Claudio from closing the door of their room. The fight reportedly escalated and led to the beating.

De Leon added that other people in the house had to intervene and break up their fight. She had to seek hospital treatment after sustaining wounds in the alleged assault.

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The incident prompted the duo’s employer to fire them and sent both home; de Leon hails from Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte and Claudio from Pampanga.

De Leon, whose employment contract was supposed to end in June, asserted that she could have filed a case against Claudio in the UAE, but their employer misreported to authorities and told them that her visa already expired. She has since sought assistance from the Overseas Worker’s Welfare Administration in filing a case against Claudio, whom she pinpointed as the reason for her sent home prematurely.

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