Saturday, May 21, 2022

Filipina Accused of Stealing 120K Dirham Ring While Cleaning Flat

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A 40-year-old Filipina house cleaner in the United Arab Emirates is facing charges after she was accused of stealing a piece of jewelry worth AED 120,000 in a flat she was asked to clean.

According to court records, a female Canadian school teacher hired the woman, LJ, to clean her flat in October. However, the latter allegedly stole the ring from the washroom while the teacher was at work.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of taking advantage of being alone at the flat and stole the ring.

The Canadian woman told prosecutors that she found out that her ring was missing from a stand in the washroom sink.

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“I hired the housecleaner to dust the house and went for work. The suspect was present with the babysitter at home. When I returned, L.J. had gone. I discovered the theft the next day … when I asked my husband if he had seen the ring, he said no. We reported the matter to the police. A few days later, we were summoned to the police station after the suspect was apprehended … the ring was seized in her possession,” she testified to prosecutors at Dubai Court of First Instance, as reported by the Gulf News.

The Filipina was cited as admitting to prosecutors that she stole the ring.

The presiding judge did not read out the accusation against the Filipina suspect and set the next hearing on Feb. 28 to hand out judgment.

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