Airline: Kish Island Visa Run Continues

Contrary to widely circulated reports in social media, no major changes in the visa run procedures besides those who are expecting to change their visa status to residence or employment visa.

Ana Espiritu, Kish Air Dubai marketing manager, said the airline’s local partner has verified with immigration that there is no other

The apparent confusion comes as the United Arab Emirates has announced that visit visa holders who wish to change status into resident or employment visas do not need to leave its borders.

“There is no such immigration policy that a passenger who travelled to Kish Island from the UAE for visa renewal cannot come back within six months as what is being circulated in the social media,” Espiritu said. Flight records showed that people who had gone there in December have returned to the UAE.

Espiritu alleged that an agency promoting visa runs to Buraimi, Oman was behind the supposed “immigration announcement.”

As per the airline, their system is being used by more than 500 travel agencies across UAE. Records provided by the management show a steady flow of inbound traffic to UAE from Kish Island in up to four daily flights from Dec 29, 2015 to Jan. 10, 2016.