Saturday, July 2, 2022

Indian Security Guard Guilty of Sexual Assault Against Filipina Domestic Worker in UAE

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An Indian security guard in Dubai has been sentenced to a year in prison after being convicted of sexual assault against a Filipina housekeeper.

The Indian man, AA, 31, denied a charge of rape before the Dubai Criminal Court in April and told the presiding judge he had consensual sex with the Filipina, a report from The National said.

However, the victim, AB, 32, refuted the defendant’s claim. The Filipina narrated that on July 5 of last year, she was cleaning the bedroom when AA went inside the room.

“The villa owner was not there at the time, the defendant came to the bedroom and asked me to sit on the bed,” she said. She added that when she asked why AA he came inside, the man pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of her.

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“He pinned me on the bed and took off my clothes before he raped me,” said the victim, adding that the assault lasted for 10 minutes before AA got up and told her to not tell anyone what had happened.

A police officer testified before the court that AB came to the police station to report the sexual assault against her.


“She told us that she tried to resist the rape but he overpowered her,” the officer said.

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AA was arrested at the villa. After serving his jail sentence, he will be deported.

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