Dubai Visa Now Requires Medical Insurance

Residents who are applying for a new visa or for visa renewal in Dubai are now required to have a medical insurance as what the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) confirmed. Residents must now be able to show that they are covered by a medical insurance while the residents who were part of the last phase of the rollout of the scheme, would have a deadline of June 2016 to comply to this new law.

Currently, the employees are now contracting more than 100 employees to comply with this new rule that just started at the beginning of August.

According to this new rule, for you to apply to a new visa or have you visa renewed, a medical certificate must be presented. Haidar Al Yousuf, the Director of Health Funding of DHA, explained that a medical certificate is a document provided by the insurance company that states that the person is covered by a medical insurance. All insurance companies are providing this document for free and that when you apply for a visa, the applicant should be able to present this to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs of GDRFA along with all the required documents for a new visa or for renewal.

In comparison to the previous system that only says ‘other documents’, the new system now has a button that reads ‘scan of the health certificate’.

Al Yousuf assured that employees who are sponsored by the companies would not have anything to worry about since this responsibility should be carried out by the company and that they would have to pay the fine if this is not done accordingly and of the right deadline.

Visitors in Dubai should also have a medical insurance coverage according to this new rule but the details about this aspect have not been announced yet. However, DHA confirmed that there will be a comprehensive system that is being developed and the details of this system would be announced as soon as possible.


Currently, visitors applying for visa are now being required to purchase medical insurance upon purchasing a visa through the GDRFA.

There are still exemptions to this new rule like individuals who are sponsored by an organization or individuals who do not require them at all legally. Nevertheless, DHA clarified that although there are groups who are not covered by this certain rule but they are still under the new system.

The official date for the linking of the visa and the medical insurance was on August 1 but the GDFRA and the typing center employees in the emirate was not made aware of the this deadline saying that the online application procedure still has to be fine-tuned.

Currently, phase 1 and 2 of this scheme has been completed, covering companies with more than 1,000 employees on their sponsorship and companies with 100 to 999 employees. Companies with less than 100 employees, spouses, dependents and domestic workers are part of the phase 3 rollout.