Taxi Fare Hike Implemented in Dubai

Starting December 7, the minimum fare for taxi ride in Dubai has been increased from AED10 to AED12. This is in line with the hike in flag-down rates from AED 3 to AED5 which was implemented on December 1.

Likewise, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) also revised the basic charges for booking taxis. The non-peak hour bookings now cost AED8, up from AED6, and peak hour bookings (Sat – Wed 7am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm, Thu – Fri 4pm – 12 midnight) cost AED12, up from AED10.

The CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, Dr Yousuf Ali, revision of rates are aimed at improving services and will apply to all taxi franchises in Dubai. He also added that increase in taxi fares was also made to encourage the public to use public transport and reduce cars on the road. He, however, stressed that the taxi meter tariff remains the same at AED1.71 per kilometer.


Dr Ali hinted on the possibility of cashless travel becoming a reality as taxi fleet is being integrated to be compatible with Nol Card system. By mid-2015 commuters will have an option to pay through Nol and credit cards on all taxis.

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