Dubai OFW Who Lost Life Savings to Gambling Pens Open Letter To All

Gambling has ruined the lives and relationships of many. Noel, a former OFW working as a sales supervisor in Dubai, shared his story to all through The Filipino Times. He hoped that his experience would be a reminder of the perils of gambling vice and for others to avoid the same fate that cost not only his savings but his family as well.

Here is his story:

I’m Noel, and I have worked as a sales supervisor in Dubai for 12 years. In May 2014, I decided to return home and worked shortly for a luxury hotel here in the Philippines. However, I was laid off due to my underperformance.

As you can probably tell, I am now facing a difficult time in my life. I have lost everything I love and own because of that one big mistake.

Let me share that I had a simple life in the Philippines before I moved to Dubai in the early 2000s for work.

I grew up in Laguna, where I also met my wife. Shortly after our wedding, I risked my chances of going to the UAE.

With my monthly salary of Dh5,000 (Php72,000) for three years before I left the UAE, I was able to build a better life for my family. We had afforded to buy a house in a subdivision when my wife and I learned that we were about to have our first-born.

But for the past two years since I returned to the Philippines, my family did not know that I have frequented some casinos in Manila. It started as a fun boys’ night out, but I kept coming back whenever I feel stressed. The stress-relief turned into a nightly ritual, betting on horse races, playing poker, slot machine, you name it. It was so easy to get lost in the fun of it all when you have a fortune at bay.

But of course, as gamblers would tell you when you enter a play, you either win or you lose. My losses outnumbered my wins, and I did not mind, I continued playing.

What little money I won, I also lost in the succeeding rounds of play. I did not know what it felt like that, I could not stop. I even borrowed a considerable sum from my brother without telling him the real reason.

Before I knew it, I have drained my bank account, which contains all the money I earned in Dubai, and I am drowning in debts to different people.

It was too late when I realized the trouble I was in, my family and friends found out eventually, and I was forced to stop gambling.

My wife was pregnant when she left me, taking our one kid along with her. I have tried contacting her through her parents, but they would not let me see my baby either.

I am now trying to get back on my feet. I need to earn the trust of my wife and my friends. I am living with my parents so they can stop me from going back to my old habits.

If only I could turn back time, I would not make the same mistake again.

For my fellow OFWs who are reading this, share my piece and take it from me: always prioritize your family and do not let years’ worth of hard work go into waste because of unhealthy habits, not just gambling.

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