Indian Clerk Charged For Filming Filipina In Shower in UAE

An Indian clerk has been accused of secretly filming his Filipina neighbor while inside the bathroom taking a shower, a report by Gulf News said.

The 21-year-old Filipina receptionist was in the shower when she noticed a hand holding a mobile phone through the bathroom mirror sometime in October. The woman carefully looked at the culprit and confirmed that the phone was on video record mode and directed towards her. The Filipina then yelled before she saw the hand being withdrawn and removed from the exhaust fan.

Court records say that the woman’s roommates rushed to the neighboring flat and banged the door before the 21-year-old Indian clerk answered the door. When sought if he was the one who filmed the receptionist, the man did not respond, prompting the Filipina to call the police. When questioned, the Indian man admitted that he had filmed the woman secretly when she was naked in tehe shower.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with molesting the woman and breaching her privacy and modesty by he secretly filming her in nude.

Before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday the suspect pleaded not guilty.

“No I did not film her … I didn’t do that,” he told presiding judge Mohammad Jamal in courtroom three.

However, the Filipina testified to prosecutors that she was under the shower when she saw through the mirror a hand holding a mobile phone and filming her.

“I shouted immediately and the hand was pulled away from the exhaust fan. The person who was filming me did not respond when I asked who was it. We live in a company-provided shared residence and the person who filmed me stayed in the adjacent unit. When my roommate knocked the other flat’s door, the suspect answered … but he didn’t answer her when she asked him if he had filmed me. He also deleted the footage when I screamed. The incident has been haunting me ever since … I feel embarrassed and scared every time I use a toilet,” she claimed to prosecutors.

An Indian administrator claimed to prosecutors that he was informed about the incident in his capacity as the person in charge of the residence.

“The Filipina was angry and scared … she cried a lot and covered her face because she was too shy when she reported the matter to the police. The suspect signed a written confession in which he admitted that he filmed
the receptionist without her knowledge three times and when she shouted he deleted the images,” he testified to prosecutors.