Pakistani Man Charged For Posting Pinay Ex-GF’s Nude Photos On Social Media

A Pakistani salesman has been accused of posting his ex-girlfriend’s partly nude photos on Facebook and threatened to kill her after she ended their relationship, a report on Gulf News said.

According to court records, the Filipina, 39, ws said to be in a relationship with the 32-year-old Pakistani. But shortly after problems started between the two, the Filipina decided to break up with the salesman.

While they were together, the defendant used to take photos of them with the group of friends at the beach. The Filipina and the Pakistani often communicated with each other on Facebook on different pages of friends’ groups.

The salesman shared on those Facebook pages images of his ex-girlfriend in her partly nude clothes and cursed her and her friends besides threatening them.

Upon discovery of the posted photos, the Filipina promptly reported the matter to the police and complained that she had been slandered and maligned by those private images. Police apprehended the salesman and referred him to the Public Prosecution.

Before Dubai’s Court of First Instance, prosecutors accused the suspect of misusing Facebook and breaching the Filipina’s privacy when he published her indecent photos. He also posted Facebook messages and comments in which he threatened to kill her and her friends and to have sex with her and her friends.

The man failed to show up before the court where he was scheduled to enter his plea on Monday.

The Filipina testified to prosecutors that the incident happened shortly after she broke up with the suspect in June.

“Once we had problems, he posted on Facebook pictures of me in the underwear at the beach. He had taken those photos when we were together. He slandered me on Facebook messenger and breached my privacy before friends, who were also part of that chat group. He also threatened to kill us and have sex with us,” she claimed to prosecutors.

The suspect was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that he posted the Filipina’s photos on Facebook without her consent. He was also quoted as admitting that he posted messages on Facebook in which he threatened to kill the woman and her friends and that he would have sex with her.

The court reconvenes on November 27.