Filipino in Dubai Cleared of Groping Flatmate’s Daughter

A court in Dubai cleared a Filipino man of charges of groping a minor due to lack of corroborated evidence, according to Gulf News.

The man was charged by his 45-year-old Filipina flatmate after he was allegedly seen groping her 12-year-old daughter in bed.

The incident happened in August at the flat where the defendant had drinks at the sitting room with friends as the Filipina flatmate put her daughter to bed at 1am.

Shortly after the friends left, the 37-year-old man, who was intoxicated went to bed. At that time, the mother of the girl asked her Filipina friend to check on her daughter. The Filipina friend told the mother that she had seen the 37-year-old suspect groping her daughter in bed.

The mother confronted the man reported the matter to the police.

Before the court, the unnamed defendant pleaded not guilty and said he did not grope the girl.

When asked by the court why the mother had filed a complaint against him, the man replied: “I do not know. Maybe she was angry with me.”

The girl also appeared in court, telling the prosecutors that she was sleeping in her bed when she felt someone touching her posterior and caressing her back.

“The suspect was half dressed and had been drinking with his friends in the sitting room when I went to the bed. At 3.30am, I felt someone touching my posterior and top of my back. Once I opened up my eyes, I realised that it was the suspect. I was so shocked. At that time my mother’s friend [the 35-year-old woman] walked into the room and kicked the suspect out of the room,” she said.

The mother told prosecutors that the suspect came to the kitchen twice while she was busy cooking.
“My 35-year-old friend and I were very busy in the kitchen and I was too worried because the suspect seemed very drunk that night. My friend, who shares the room with the suspect, checked on my daughter twice. The third time, when she went to check on my daughter, she told me that she had seen the suspect groping my daughter. I rushed to the room and saw my daughter in a state of shock,” the mother told prosecutors.

The defendant dismissed the mother’s claims.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.