Filipino Nurse Wins AED1 Million in UAE Raffle

A Filipino nurse became the one of the ten winners of AED1 million (P13.9 million) each in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle draw held Thursday.

Leilani Quijano Del Rosario, who is separated and has been working in the UAE Capital for 14 years, said the money will help in looking after her kids.

“My two kids are studying back in the Philippines while a third one has started working. This amount will help in repaying my loans and help my students in pursuing their higher education. I am managing the affairs alone and this amount will help me immensely,” Leilani said.

She also pledged to share the prize money with her colleagues.

“We all colleagues chipped in with money to buy the ticket. And will now share it accordingly,” Leilani said.

And how she plans to celebrate? “Nothing, I will be going to church to say my thanks to the Lord and also the UAE for this good blessing,” Leilani added.

The other winners of the draw, most of whom are Indian nationals, are all men.