Distressed Filipino in Dubai? Consulate Offers Help

Distressed Filipinos in Dubai or any of the Northern Emirates are urged to approach the Philipine Consulate, Philippine Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes said.

Cortes, who believes not many Filipinos in the Emirate are aware of services provided by the Consulate, made the offer to Filipinos who need help regarding repatriation or legal assistance where the consulate can extend help.

“Many of our compatriots do not know that we can help them. If they are in need and they want to go home for good, they can come to us and we will recommend to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila to assist them financially. The bottom line is we help any Filipino who is in need and is in distress, we do not discriminate,” Cortes told Gulf News.

The Consulate’s Assistance-To-Nationals Section, Cortes said, has facilitated the repatriation of 1,080 Filipinos in the first nine months of this year. He added that the Consulate has so far spent $559,162.72 (Dh2.05 million) from the ATN Funds to assist Filipinos during the same period.

The Consul-Gneral said the cases handled included absconding, labour-related concerns, and immorality cases, among others. The figures did not include medical repatriation cases yet.

Rey Angulo, an accredited volunteer social worker, commends the Consulate’s assistance in repatriating Filipinos, notably those with medical-related cases. It helped repatriate more than 20 patients including stretcher cases from Rashid Hospital from January to September.

“Personally, I have not encountered a single patient or detainee that the consulate did not help repatriate. As a social worker, this gives a lot of hope to Filipinos, knowing that they have someone to lean on when times are tough.”

ATN officials, Angulo said, has worked non-stop in visiting Filipinos in hospitals and jails, and in assisting them in whatever way possible.

The Consulate also offers psycho-social counselling through the help of trained personnel and volunteer psychologists. A lawyer is available for legal consultation every Wednesday afternoon at the Consulate for those who need legal assistance.

In 2016, the ATN section released $325,184 as legal assistance fund to 48 Filipinos involved in rape, murder, drug-related crimes, labour cases, theft, forgery, immorality and breach of trust cases.

Those in need of assistance in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain may approach the ATN Section of the Philippine Embassy in the capital.

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