Filipino Man Arrested For Robbery Attempt at Abu Dhabi Money Exchange Shop

A Filipino man was foiled in his attempt to rob a money exchange office in Abu Dhabi.

In a report by Khaleej Times, the Abu Dhabi Police reported via its Instagram social media account on Saturday that the man, who was wearing a mask, used a piece of rock to break the glass counter at the money exchange shop and tried to attack its cashier with pepper spray.

Brigadier General Dr Rashid Mohammad Bourshid, director of Criminal Investigations Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said as soon as they got information about the robbery attempt, the police immediately rushed into the scene. Police arrested the Filipino man before he could execute the robbery.

The Filipino suspect admitted to robbery attempt, claiming that he had resorted to it because he was in dire need of money.

The Filipino told the cops that he had planned to rob the exchange shop in advance after observing the area for several days.