Jennifer Dalquez Acquitted From Murder Charge, Jailed 5 Years For Theft

Filipina domestic worker Jennifer Dalquez has been spared of death sentence, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said Tuesday.

Dalquez, 30, was earlier handed the death penalty by the Al Ain Court of First Instance in May 2015 after she was found guilty of killing her employer in December 2014. She claimed it was self-defense because her employer tried to rape her.

With her acquittal from murder charge, no blood money will be required of her, said labor advocate group Migrante International in a statement.

Dalquez’s family was informed of her acquittal by the Department of Foreign Affairs, it said.

Philippine Ambassador Constancio Vingno Jr said the hearing for the case of Jennifer Dalquez was held on Monday.

“Ms Dalquez was acquitted for the murder charge. She will not be paying diyyah or blood money. However, she was sentenced for five years for theft for stealing the mobile phone of the person who was killed, less the number of years she had spent in jail,” Vingno told Gulf News.

“We are still waiting for the official report from our lawyer to ascertain the details of the case, but this is definitely good news for her family and the Filipino people.”

Dalquez’ parents visited her in Al Ain in October 2015 and in March 2017, through the assistance of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.