Court Witness Recalls How A Filipino Woman’s Headless Body Was Found in Dubai Desert

A prosecution witness told the court in Abu Dhabi how a Filipino domestic worker’s headless body was found in a Dubai desert and how it led to the arrest of the suspected killer, the woman’s nephew, three months after the murder.

The witness, the Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigatiion Department at Dubai Police testified before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance that a Filipino butcher killed his aunt in the Musaffah area of Abu Dhabi over a AED10,000 debt, which was used mainly to finance his travel to the UAE to find work. After killing her, the man dumped the body parts in desert areas of Dubai and Ajman to cover up the crime.

However, the murder was uncovered on May 27, 2016 when a municipality cleaner informed the police about finding a headless body in advanced state of decomposition. The victim, Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi, worked as a domestic worker for a family in Abu Dhabi.

“The headless body of the woman was found under a tree and in a very quiet place where there were no passers-by,” said the officer. “I rushed to the scene after getting information about a highly decomposed body that has been discovered in the desert. The investigation team removed the body and it was taken for forensic examination.”

“And through our secret sources after the investigation team identified the murdered woman, police obtained permission and arrested the man suspected of killing the woman.”

“We arrested the suspect from his residence in Abu Hail area of Dubai.”

Police investigations suggest that the defendant killed his aunt when she demanded the AED10,000 back. The prosecution witness said before the court that the man confessed to killing his aunt, and said he took a cleaver and a knife from his home and drove his friend’s car to Abu Dhabi where he met the victim.

“He said he had convinced the woman to get into the car and then drove her to a deserted area in Musaffah area as the pair argued over the money,” said the police officer. “He said he stabbed her multiple times in different parts of her body until the woman died.”

The defendant then covered the woman’s lifeless body with a towel and drove it back to Dubai, where he cut off her head and hands, burned them and took them to a sandy area in Ajman where he buried them.

However, when he appeared in court, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge of premediated murder.

According to Gulf News, the trial was adjourned until May 23 so the court can contact the victim’s family and see if they pardon the killer in return for blood money.