Only 2 of 4 Filipinos Killed in Abu Dhabi Road Accident Can Receive OWWA Benefits

A police report on the deaths of Filipino pilgrims killed in a road accident on Good Friday in Abu Dhabi has been released.

According to Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes of the Philippine Consulate in Dubai and Northern Emirates, the victim’s vehicle broke down while they were on their way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to perform church visits during the Holy Week.

“The four of them went down from the vehicle to check whatever it was and then an incoming vehicle hit the car and threw them aside. I think that caused their deaths. But of course, we have to wait for the medical report to exactly know the cause but as far as the police are concerned that clearly what has happened,” said Cortes.

This was inconsistent with an earlier report saying the incident took place while the vehicle was parked on roadside shoulder after tire burst during journey. The car was then bumped by another vehicle driven by a foreign national.

The dead were identified as Veronica Dulay, 39; Paulo Paraiso, 33; and Marvin Mendoza, 27; and Lord Christian Asuncion Elli, 29. Wounded were Mary Ann Mendoza, Marvin’s sister and girlfriend of Paraiso; and Anna Paula Paulino who are now being treated at Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

“The six Filipinos all work and live in Dubai and the embassy and consulate are coordinating their efforts to reach out to their families and their employers, as well pertinent to the shifting of their remains for the four who died and for the other two who remained to be in the hospital,” Cortes added.

Cortes said officials at the Philippine embassy were in touch with the victim’s employers regarding compensations on behalf of the victims’ families.

However, only two of the victims will be able to receive financial aid from the government; the other victims are not registerd OWWA members or possess expired memberships.

“Ito ay aksidente, meron iyang death benefit na P200,000 at meron ding funeral expenses na P20,000. Of course, OWWA will require the submission of documentary requirements,” explained Labor Attache Felicitas Bay.