Filipino Nurse, 2 Others Sent to Jail for Forging Sick Leaves

A Filipino nurse and two other men accused of forging hundreds of sick leaves for various people in return for money have been sentenced to jail by a court in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi criminal court of first instance handed five years in prison each for the Filipino nurse and an Emirati man for facilitating fake documents. The Emirati’s driver was given three years in jail in absentia.

According to court records, the Filipino woman was working for a private hospital in Abu Dhabi has issued forged sick leave forms to people who were brought to her by the Emirati man and a driver companion, Khaleej Times said.

The nurse reportedly used medical documents bearing the Abu Dhabi health authorities’ logo to write on the sick leave notices which she stamped with a doctor’s seal and signature before handing them over to various people.

A probe by police suggested that the Emirati man used social media to recruit people who wanted to apply for sick notes. They can reportedly forward their details to the nurse who will facilitate the sick leave from work.

“After talking to the customers, the man would send across the details of the worker and the number of days he or she wants to take off work and send through a text message to the nurse’s phone,” a prosecutor at a previous hearing.

“The nurse then wrote and signed the sick notes and handed them over to the Emirati’s driver for delivery.”

The nurse and her cohorts charged each worker AED50 for a day’s leave, AED100 for two days and AED300 for several days.

Authorities found out during their investigations that the group had collected about AED500,000 from the illegal business given the fact that they were issuing over 450 forged sick notes monthly.

The three had denied charges of forging official documents throughout their trial but based on evidence presented by prosecution, the court found the trio guilty.