Kabayan Clinic to Open Saturday in Abu Dhabi

A clinic in Abu Dhabi staffed by Filipino doctors and nurses will open its doors and welcome its first patients on Saturday.

Aptly named Kabayan Clinic, the clinic within Universal Hospital was inaugurated by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto R. Yasay Jr., as well as Philippine Ambassador to the United arab Emirates Costanico R. Vingo Jr.

Dr Shabeer Nellikode, Founder and Managing Director of Universal Hospital, told Khaleej Times the clinic, which has various facilities, including pediatrics, general and internal medicine, dentistry, dermatology and gynaecology, will only be staffed by Filipino doctors and nurses.

“It has been three years since we had this hospital up and running and we realised that in terms of the comfort levels of the Filipino patients, we needed Filipino doctors.”

“We thought for the approximate 700,000 Filipino expats in the UAE, we wanted to do something dedicated for them, by providing an integrated service, where they will feel more comfortable speaking to their fellow countrymen and feel they are in their own environment,” he added.

The founder said the hospital receives an average of 2,000 patients, about 10 to 12 per cent of whom are Filipino expats. But with 700,000 Filipinos living and working in the UAE, a clinic that exclusively serves the Filipino community within an entire floor “will allow patients to feel at ease and at home,” said Filipina medical practicioner Dr Anna Marie Diaz.

She noted that all the doctors and staff will be Filipino, and although the clinic currently has two doctors, the hospital is in the process of recruiting more.

“Currently, the general physicians clinic will only be operating.”