Filipina Wife Bares Abuse From Her Jordanian Husband on Social Media

Apparently overcome by anxiety and distress over domestic abuse she has has suffered, a Filipina based in the United Arab Emirates has bared the scars of maltreatment and pleaded for divorce, a report from Khaleej Times said.

“I suffer for so many years. Please (redacted) divorce me,” reads a plea on the LinkedIn and Instagram profile of Mary Ann Batulanon, 30, along with a close-up picture of her bruised face.

“This has been going on for many years. He beats me up black and blue without any mercy. I cannot take it anymore,” Batulanon said in a phone interview with Khaleej Times. She has a four-year old daughter.

She has filed for divorce and the case is pending at the Abu Dhabi family court.

When sought for his side, the Jordanian husband said allegations against him were all rubbish.

“It is not true. She hurts herself every time and goes to the court to file case against me,” said the MH who is also willing to a divorce.

“But if she slanders my name in social media, I will take legal action against her,” he added.

Batulanon, who works as a receptionist in a car showroom in Abu Dhabi, married MH in 2012, after converting to Islam.

MH, according to Batulanon, subjected her to domestic abuse from the early days of their marriage. Supporting her claim was a medical record dated June 29, 2016 which showed findings of bluish discoloration of skin due to bruises caused by external trauma.

After suffering yet another incident of domestic abuse, Batulanon has since moved out of her husband’s house.

“All I want from him now is a divorce. He should also pay for my daughter’s maintenance. I took to social media so that the world knows what he is doing to me,” she said.

Court documents showed Batulanon has filed for divorce from MH in 2016 and applied for custody of their daughter but has recoinciled and the case was dropped.

A court official said the family prosecution had forwarded the case to court after the husband failed to appear before the family guidance committee.