NMC Mabuhay Clinic Opens in Abu Dhabi

A clinic focused on catering the growing Filipino community in Abu Dhabi has opened, initiated by the biggest healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates.

NMC Mabuhay Clinic, a new venture of NMC Healthcare, is staffed by several Filipino doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, NMC Mabuhay Clinic is the only health facility of the NMC chain of hospitals where Filipino is can be widely spoken by its doctors, staff, and other personnel.

The medical center called Mabuhay Clinic opened its doors to patients on January 11, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio R. Vingno Jr.

The opening of the facility was borne out of a meeting between Vingno and Dr. BR Shetty, NMC chief executive officer, regarding the healthcare provider’s possible investments to the Philippines.

In his message at the launch of the medical facility, Ambassador Vingno thanked the NMC leadership for this initiative in providing healthcare to Filipino community. He also enjoined Filipino doctors, nurses, and personnel of the Mabuhay Clinic to continue to provide the best possible healthcare to fellow Filipinos and other nationalities.