Filipina Maid Jailed in UAE For Stealing Cash From Sponsor

A 28-year-old Filipina maid has been sentenced to six months for stealing AED25,000 (P338,160) from her employer’s purse.

According to a report by Gulf News, the domestic worker stole the money from her Jordanian sponsor on separate occasions and sent the money to finance the treatment of her sick father in the Philippines.

The sponsor realized several times that some cash was missing from her purse and that the defendant had run away shortly before she reported her maid to the police.

After the defendant pleaded guilty, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Filipina and sentenced her to jail time. But even as she entered a guilty plea, the Filipina contended before the court that she stole AED15,000 and not AED25,000.

The presiding judge said the defendant will be deported following the completion of her jail term.

According to the testimony of the sponsor, she first discovered that AED2,500 was missing from her purse.

“I waited for my husband’s return from travel … when we confronted the maid, she said she had stolen Dh18,000 during two months. However when we checked her phone, we realized that she had wired to her country Dh26,000. I decided to inform the police after my children go to sleep because I did not want them to see the police. The accused surprised us and absconded. Then we reported the police instantly. My children told me that the defendant used to prick them with a pin and beat them,” claimed the sponsor.


The Filipina confessed to prosecutors that she stole the money because she needed to send money to treat her ailing father.

“I used to take the cash from the table or from her sponsor’s purse … I took the money on several occasions between April and June,” said the unnamed helper.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 13 days.



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