Abu Dhabi Hospitals Plan on Hiring More Filipino Doctors

Growing Filipino population in Abu Dhabi has prompted local hospitals into hiring more Filipino doctors and medical professionals aimed at breaking the language barrier and provide renowned service.

Acknowledging the significance of the Filipino population in the emirate, Dr. Rajeev Pillai, head of Marketing and Corporate Health Services at Universal Hospital, sees the need to offer high quality service to them.

“Filipino communities are very prominent in Abu Dhabi and around the UAE, we are very particular in ensuring that we give high quality service to them,” Pillai said.

For his part, Dr. Safeer Ahamed, head of the Medeor 24×7 Hospital, noting that Filipinos would usually feel more at ease talking to a Filipino doctor, said they are moving to have more doctors from the Philippines on board.

According to Dr Ahamed, common ailments afflicting Filipinos in Abu Dhabi include pneumonia, hypertension, myoma and diabetes.

Most of them are hypertensive. Hindi sila ma-convince mag-take ng medication, pero noong makausap nila yung mga Filipino doctors dito sa hospital, talagang na-convince sila, kasi iba talaga kung Filipino doctors yung nag-aasikaso sa kanila,” said Medeor 24X7 assistant manager Lourdes Atacador Hicalde.

“Gusto lang kasi nilang Filipino doctor kasi nagkakaintindihan,” she added.