4 Filipinos Jailed For AED2.5 Million Theft in UAE

Three Filipina housemaids and their Filipino accomplice were sentenced to six months in jail for stealing AED2.5 million from a house where two of the helpers were employed.

The sentence was handed out by Abu Dhabi Criminal Court after investigations revealed that the crime was committed by the defendants.

According to prosecutors, the theft took place while the employers were out of the country for three weeks.

The main suspect, one of the maids, committed the crime with the help of two other maids who worked in the same house. Authorities tagged a fourth defendant, a Filipino man, as part of the crime.

The family discovered that the AED2.5 million was missing upon ther return to Abu Dhabi, and promptly informed Al Khalidiya Police Station about the incident.

A search and investigation team was dispatched to the scene, where efforts and intensive investigations resulted in the arrests. The maids admitted to stealing the money.

The court has ordered the return of the stolen money and the four Filipinos will be deported after serving their jail sentences.