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7 Things to Consider Before Reporting Your Employer to Labor Department

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Employees are free to raise complaints against their employers in Saudi Arabia. Disputes are taken to labor offices, found all over Saudi Arabia, where the court listens to both sides of the party, examine evidence and decide on the judgment. Appeals to the court are also rare; oftentimes both parties accept the judgment as it is given. Though the process is good for both sides, the process is tedious and complicated, not to mention takes effort and time so be sure that you are in the right mind to file a case against your employer and not just spurned by emotions in that moment.

Always think of court as a last resort

Is it just a disagreement? Do you think you and your employer could settle it yourselves? You could settle for an agreement, perhaps some sort of compensation. Though it may not be legal, it is on some sort binding as well as easier to do. Just be sure to emphasize on what you want (or what you don’t want, in any case of unwanted attention) from your employer.

Know your rights

It is very important to know you rights so you know what you can ask and what you can claim. Sometimes you might feel abused but it is just the difficulty of the job and not true abuse of your employer.

Time and effort

It takes a minimum of 2-3 months for a case to be resolved, and that is only if you’re lucky and your employer responds immediately. It could take up to a year or more depending on the complications of the case and the willingness of your employer.


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Cost of living in Saudi may be reasonable but not if you are jobless. By filing a case, you earned yourself some time off where you will not earn money. Before making a case, make sure you have enough cash to tide over the case as well as keep yourself fed and sheltered. You can ask the labor office for a temporary permit to work but you can only do laborious daily wage jobs with these.

Huroob status

Your employer has the authority to set huroob under your Iqama even with your pending case in the labor office. With this, police may come and detain you in Saudi Detention Centers until the decision was made by the labor office.

Job termination

Your employer would be most displeased when you file a case against them which could lead to immediate termination. It is strongly recommended though that you stay on the job until given written notice of termination from your employer as leaving before getting this letter could weaken your case.

Arabic Language skill

Though not really a hindrance, it may prove to give an advantage when you are proficient in written and spoken Arabic. Government officers use Arabic in their communications and while you can still file a complaint, you might want to ask someone who speaks and writes Arabic to help you. Later on, the court will arrange for a translator for you.

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  1. We are working here in Saudi..I have lot of co worker..we are 15maybe from other country..we cannot file a case because of this things.so how can we tell you our problems about our employers…
    1,we don’t have dayoff. There I
    Are workers here in 4years no day off..
    2.don’t have accommodation…they slept in 3rooms..one room they have 6 person’s..they cannot cook well because their employer don’t like to sme’ll…
    3,many of them finish their contract ..but the employer refuse to send them all..
    5,,we work to much time..13 hours a day..without paying overtime..
    Still working…no rest day at all..pls help us…just came and visit our shop…From Hafer Albatin..Cardiya rd..Saudis..Arabia..my shop..Ayun Shehana..thank you so much sir..mam

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