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What To Do When Your Phone is Lost or Stolen in Saudi Arabia

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Twenty-first century marked the dramatic rise of the use of hi-tech tools that people cannot tend to go a day without, principally the use of their modern technology gadgets, i.e., laptops, iPads, tablets, and the like. I did not leave out mobile phones accidentally because in this contemporary era, very few percentage of the population forgets to mind about their mobile phones especially when travelling abroad. But what if the phone you bring with you overseas got lost or stolen during one of your tours specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Some mobile provider companies bring to you the easy way out and offer you to help protect your mobile phone data from meeting the eyes of the others. Many institutions in Saudi Arabia offer Mobile Block Service just by providing some valid information of your ownership to the respected handset and you’ll be good to go. There are some mobile applications for the smartphones you may have that automatically help you track your lost phone. You just have to visit your SIM card provider i.e., STC Mobily, or Zain with the following information to lock your lost/stolen phone in KSA.

1.IMEI Number
To see where this set of numbers is, you can remove the battery of your handset to uncover. Now, if you are an owner of an iPhone, it written at the back, bottom part of the phone in small fonts. Apart from these, you may also dial *#06# on your dial pad and the number will appear on the screen. However, if you’ve already lost your phone, you can obtain these numbers on the warranty or purchase invoice of your device.

2.Proof of Ownership
You must provide the proof of ownership of the handset you have lost. Simply show them your warranty card, purchase invoice or box.

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3.Valid SIM
One must also have an active and valid SIM number on the device at least once in the past month.

4.Declaration Form
Fill in the declaration form that they will provide and submit it to the counter. Your mobile phone will then be blocked as soon as possible. This will relieve you of your worry that your personal information or your mobile phone will not be misused by anyone who now have access to your device or has your phone under his or her possession.

However, to avoid all the hassle of going through all that process, it is still sensible to take extra precaution when handling your gadgets while you are away. This will save you a lot of time, effort and will elude the inevitable headache that will follow through after you lost a gadget. Keep safe.

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