OFW Profiles: Christopher Pamotongan of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

My name is Christopher Pamotongan, an overseas Filipino worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since July 2009. I work as plant mechanic at Riyadh Cement Company (RCC).

At my workplace, there are 115 Filipino workers employed in different departments at RCC.

Christopher Pamotongan (3rd from left)
Christopher Pamotongan (3rd from left)

Just like most Filipinos working abroad, my aim of going overseas for a job is to ensure the well-being of my family and sending my children to good schools. I go for vacation once a year to spend quality time with my family.

In such challenging environment, I am happy to find my current set of frieds because their presence eased my homesickness and they welcomed me warmly when I was new here.

I remember when I applied for jobs abroad, I experienced various forms of discrimination, bullying and other forms of oppression but I persevered so now I am in this job.

During my days off, I mostly spend time on the computer communicating with my family. I miss them very much along with the places I often visit as well as friends left in my hometown. As for food, I miss ginataang native chicken, kilawin and lechon are on top list of dishes I crave.

Here at work, one unforgettable experience I had was when one co-worker from India gave me biryani, later I could not report to work because of stomach problem.

Christopher Pamotongan (front with pack bag)
Christopher Pamotongan (front with pack bag)

Eventhough Saudi Arabia is quite different from the Philippines, there are a few similarities I notice. One of which is that citizens of both countries are deeply religious, although they practice different faiths.

One valuable lesson I picked up while working here is how one needs to communicate with people of different backgrounds. Here I work with people from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Yemen and Turkey. Although I communicate with most of them only through hand gestures, I learn how to deal with them.

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