When Domestic Workers Go Hungry Even When Employers Bring Them Out to Restaurants

One of the common tasks domestic workers handle is to care for her employer’s young children. This task extends beyond the house as occasionally sponsors go out for shopping or dining, bringing their kids with them. They bring their domestic workers who work as nannies to the children who can be difficult for parents to handle and therefore need extra help.

Nannies carry the young child, handle the stroller or bring extra items such as bags containing milk formula, diapers, towels, and extra clothing.

Soon as the family goes hungry and exhausted from an outdoor activity or shopping in a mall, they can choose to go to a restaurant. As accustomed, the nanny tails them, always ready to take orders from her employer. But soon as they get a table, some employers fail to recognize that helpers also get hungry and tired and leave her on the side without inviting the poor nanny to the table.

To all employers who bring their domestic workers out, please treat them as a family member. They carry your burden, they share their time with you, and they are a significant help to your child’s development. You may pay them wages, but money cannot buy happiness.

Being treated with respect and dignity inspires domestic workers and caregivers to love your family even more, and care for your child as if it was her own. A happy domestic worker brings happiness to the entire family. A simple meal can mean a lot and shows your domestic worker she is a valuable part of the family.

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