Filipino Driver Honored in Saudi Arabia For Saving Elderly Man From Drowning

A 37-year-old Filipino driver was honoured in Saudi Arabia for risking his life and saving an elderly Saudi man from drowning, a report from Khaleej Times said.

While many onlookers stood and watched the man trapped call for help from inside his car in the middle of floodwater in Jeddah, Dawod S Balindong jumped to rescue him.

“Some people tried to deter me from swimming to reach the man in distress. They kept shouting that the Civil Defense would soon come to save him but I did not heed their calls,” he said.

Balindong added that he could not stand watching a man drown without doing anything to help him. “I did not think of death and I was not scared,” he added.

He also stated that he had no idea that he would be honoured for his action, which was a spontaneous effort to save a life.

The Civil Defense apologized to the public that two of its staff who were present at the scene did not do anything to rescue the man and stated they would be disciplined for their lack of action, according to Saudi Gazette.