SAR300 For Nose Picking While Driving in Saudi Arabia?

This sounds like a prank or fake news, but apparently it is a violation of Saudi traffic laws to pick your nose while behind the wheels.

It seems that environmental conditions in the country has made such disgusting gesture a likely practice. Boosting air conditioning units inside vehicles drive the secretion of stubborn nasal deposits. And drivers apparently take whatever chance they have to pick their nose to get rid of it.

A research has found that nose picking while driving can be more distracting than arguing with a fellow passenger or using a mobile phone. Performing the act for 30 seconds has been thought to reduce attention to the road by 70%.


That is why Saudi traffic police must have taken notice this peculiar habit, and for the sake of road safety, such practice must be considered a road offense, merely because of the road distraction factor.

A passenger reportedly shared his experience to a Saudi Arabia blog that he was fined SAR300 for picking his nose while driving in the country.

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