Filipino Caregiver in USA Accused of Stealing $193K Suspected of Fleeing to Philippines

A Filipino caregiver arrested for allegedly stealing a huge sum of money from an elderly couple in the United States is now suspected to be hiding in the Philippines.

The Sheriff’s Department in Montgomery County, Maryland, has issued an arrest warrant against Alexander Manguiam, 46, who was already facing charges of theft scheme $100,000+, theft $100,000+, and stealing property of a vulnerable adult, in a report by WJLA in Washington.

Manguiam was hired in February 2010 to care for an Bethesda, Md. couple in their 80s and in declining health. The husband died in February 2013 while his wife is now confined to a bed and wheelchair.

Shortly after the husband’s death, Wells Fargo Bank’s financial crimes unit notified Montgomery County Police after flagging a forged check deposited in Manguiam’s personal account. Further investigation showed that Manguiam allegedly altered 44 of his paychecks. For instance, a check worth $1,630 was forged to $4,630. In other cases, Manguiam allegedly stole checks from the couple’s cupboard drawer and made them out to himself. In a span of three years, the total amount of money stolen from the victims was worth $193,608.

Manguiam was arrested in December 2014 and later posted bond while moving into a friend’s home as he awaited trial. However, he did not appear in his August 7 court hearing at Montgomery County Circuit Court. While Manguiam had to surrender his Philippine passport prior to posting bond, authorities suspect he managed to flee to the Philippines.