'X Factor' Winner Rose Fostanes Regrets Winning Singing Contest

More than a year after she won the singing competition “The X Factor Israel,” Filipina Rose Fostanes is facing possible expulsion from Israel, local reports say.

Citing reports from Haaretz.com, Fostanes may likely be expelled from Israel since her visa as an artist has expired already after Aroma Music, the company that handles “X Factor” winners has withdrawn its visa request for the Filipina, putting her legal status in jeopardy.

“Aroma Music representatives confirmed that Fostanes’ current visa expired a month ago and said that since she did not produce profits for them, they cannot request an artist visa for her, which would require them to pay her a monthly salary for a year. They don’t believe that Rose could make a living during this year from music alone,” the report said.

While the company “cannot extend financial sponsorship to Fostanes despite its respect for her talent,” it is hopeful that “a solution will be found to obtain an alternative visa that will enable her to make a living from other jobs as well.”

The company has reportedly made a special request to Israel’s Interior Minister Silvan Shalom to grant Fostanes a temporary resident visa so she can still remain in Israel.

Fostanes has a 20-year career in the Middle East and came to Israel in 2010. Before gaining fame in “X Factor,” she was employed as a caregiver while performing as part of the Daddy’s Cool Band.

Fostanes told Haaretz that things could have possibly been better for her had she not joined the show.ined the show.

“I loved singing with my friends and we had wonderful evenings together, but then I won on the show and I was told not to keep performing with them, because they told me a respectable singer wouldn’t sing in those kinds of little clubs. That it’s not appropriate. So I really stopped. Now I kind of regret it. I think I might have been better off altogether if I hadn’t won the show and would have continued working as a caregiver. At least that way I could keep on taking care of my family and send them money every month,” she was quoted as saying.

Fostanes said she still hopes she could obtain an artist visa once she finds a new manager.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes. I know I’m not that beautiful and I know that I’m not the typical singer that everyone’s looking for, but I believe that if I’m just given the opportunity, I’ll prove that I can succeed,” she said.