Filipinos Record Rockhampton History

Remy Conway has written a book about Filipinos in Rockhampton. Photo:

Rockhampton’s largest ethnic group has released a book to mark its history in central Queensland.

Remy Conway has released the book, Living The Dream, about the Filipino community in Rockhampton over the past 40 years.

Mrs Conway says people arrived in Rockhampton from the Philippines in stages.

“The first Filipino family arrived in Rockhampton in 1970 after the White Australia policy was freed and they allowed non-English speaking people to come,” she said.

“The next ones were the nurses in the 1970s also – after that women who were married to Australians.

“Recently in 2006, 457 Visas, these are the skilled migrants who came.

“They are the ones that bring in more Filipinos and I think it really helps the economy also because most of these are nurses, also there are a lot of welders that came and recently there are doctors.

“We need more in the health sector and we also need some in the mining sector.”

Flav Aquilizan was the first Filipino to arrive in Rockhampton in 1970.

“I came to work as a horticulturalist in the Department of Primary Industries, giving extension and doing research in pineapples and also paw paws,” he said.

“We didn’t know anybody and it was very difficult to look for a place to stay, so we stayed in the migrant hostel until we were able to find a place.”

Source: ABC News