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Account Executive Cover Letter

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Here is a sample cover letter for a job application for an account executive or any other related employment in the advertising or media agency. Please note that the text in brackets are placeholders and you should replace them with appropriate text.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I noticed in the job posting at my alumni bulletin board that your company, [ABC Advertising] is in need of a skilled and experienced account executive.

My name is Adelyn dela Cruz an account executive with 3 years of experience acquiring clients and managing business partnerships in varying industries, tourism, retail and healthcare. Although working at [MNO Agency] has been beneficial to my professional development, I would like to apply for the Account Executive position at [ABC Advertising]. Given its worldwide reputation in retaining business partnerships and workplace culture, I have long aspired to be a part of [ABC Advertising]. Not only is it recognized worldwide as one of the best places to work, its reputation in retaining business partnerships is also well-known in the sales industry.

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During my time at MNO Agency, I managed overall client satisfaction and worked with four other departments. This required expert negotiation, networking, and customer service skills to ensure the company was meeting the needs of over 47 different clients with a variety of needs and requirements. For a detailed summary of my experience in client acquisition, I’ve included three accomplishments from my resume below:

  • Collaborated with four internal teams such as account management, underwriting, clinical, and operations to bring in 5 new accounts within my first 2 months of work
  • Utilized presentation skills to deliver quarterly and annual reports to clients on their drug trends and financial performance, ultimately achieving quarterly revenue goals and surpassing Q4 revenue goals by 150%
  • Sought out new business partners in Southern Luzon, which led to a 30% increase in the market within first year at the company

[ABC Advertising] is leading the way forward in cloud computing software, which is a dynamic and rapidly growing market with incredible potential in sales. In addition, I admire [ABC Advertising]’s commitment to giving employees ample opportunities for growth. I would be happy to contribute my expertise in overseeing accounts at [ABC Advertising].

Potentially working at [ABC Advertising] is exciting, and I am eager to discuss the job details further. Please contact me at 0917-1234567 or via email at if you need any other information regarding my application. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Adelyn dela Cruz

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